2019 Program and Cohort

The Participation Project in 2019

In 2019, The Participation Project partnered with 9 human service nonprofits across Colorado to provide guidance, training, and resources to assist them in offering nonpartisan voter engagement efforts to their clients and community. We engaged 1,681 new contacts across 14 counties, including 619 voter registrations and 1,062 pledges to vote. Our team partnered with a diverse group of human service nonprofits, training 150 staff, volunteers, residents, and constituents on the importance of voting, voter engagement tactics, nonpartisanship, voting rights, and cultural competency. CRC hired, trained, and managed 5 canvassers to help supplement the work of our partner organizations.

For more information, please contact:

Alex McHenry,  Community Engagement Program Manager

303.623.1540 X160 or email hidden; JavaScript is required

For voter information:

Visit the Elections and Voting page of the Colorado Secretary of State website