The Participation Project in 2016

Dear partners in social change,

Nonprofits build community, improves lives, advocate fiercely for social justice, and have always been critical for the individuals we serve and the state we love. This election season has fostered divisiveness, confusion and often fear for the future of our sector and the communities we serve. One of the many strengths of the nonprofit sector lies in our commitment to upholding and defending the dignity of every person. Community Resource Center is with you, the individuals and organizations that lead us to equitable and just solutions, in the face of issues and challenges that divide us. Community Resource Center is committed to the work of building inclusive and equitable communities because we know how much is at stake. We’re writing today to share with you the results of our 2016 Participation Project voter engagement efforts.

Nonpartisan voter engagement is a powerful way to address the disparities that exist in our electorate and country and includes education, registration, and efforts to ensure voters cast their ballots. Through our partnership with human service nonprofits, we registered and engaged 5,364 individuals to participate in the election. In addition, we worked to get out the vote with more than 7,400 individuals. Since 2010, the Participation Project and our partners have directly engaged over 19,000 low-income, diverse individuals in civic activity. Please click here to read about our model, our inspiring nonprofit partners, and our 2016 accomplishments.

Community Resource Center provides education to advance organizational sustainability – because the health and influence of our sector matters in our ability to meet our inspired missions. We champion and support rural communities alongside urban partners – because equity and resources shouldn’t be limited by geography. We have faith in and work towards a future where the nonprofit sector leads the dismantling of old, broken systems that hold our communities hostage, and will work alongside you to create a more just and equitable Colorado.

The Participation Project will continue offering voter engagement support to human service nonprofits. In February 2017 we are launching a new three-part training series, Grassroots Leadership, to help nonprofits effectively engage in nonpartisan advocacy work. Our upcoming State of the Sector event in January, will convene diverse voices and perspectives to drive dialogue on how the sector can move forward in such a divisive time.

Community Resource Center has been providing support for your efforts for 35 years because we believe in the power of grassroots, community-led, inclusive nonprofits. We remain your partner and supporter now and in the future.


Community Resource Center Staff

The Colorado Participation Project (CPP) was founded in 2010, and is a member of the national Nonprofit VOTE network.   In fall of 2015, CPP’s Advisory Committee began a process to identify an organizational home for the programs of CPP.  We are pleased to announce that the Participation Project is officially a program of Community Resource Center.

CRC and The Participation Project share a vision for Colorado, where strong nonprofits receive the cultivation they need to create thriving and engaged communities and a just society. We know that to realize this vision, nonprofits require resources and support.  The Participation Project offers nonprofits the tools they need to engage their communities in advocacy and civic engagement efforts.  The Participation Project focuses on building the civic capacity of nonprofits for nonpartisan advocacy and engaging low-income Coloradans in elections and civic activities.

Since its founding, the Participation Project has provided training to hundreds of nonprofits, engaged more than 10,000 low-income Coloradans in civic engagement efforts, and built a network of more than 40 nonprofit organizations.  The Participation Project is a leader in the nonpartisan civic engagement field and has contributed to several national research efforts.

The Participation Project is a leader in the nonpartisan civic engagement field and has contributed to several national research efforts, including the 2012 Service Providers and Civic Engagement Project and the 2014 report, Engaging New Voters: The Impact of Nonprofit Voter Outreach on Client and Community Turnout.

For more information, please contact:

Rebecca Gorrell, Director of Leadership Development & Education
303.623.1540 X100 or email hidden; JavaScript is required