Civic Engagement & Advocacy

The goal of our advocacy programs is to increase the capacity of human service nonprofits and the communities they serve to enhance civic engagement and advance inclusive and community-centered policy. Our programs are grounded in principles of equity and addressing imbalances of power in our field and political environment.  These efforts are always nonpartisan, and we hold nonpartisanship as a core value of our advocacy work.

As we navigate the effects of a global pandemic, economic downfall, and racial justice uprising, we are presented with the opportunity to be seen and heard in new ways and contribute towards meaningful and sustainable systems change.

We believe that when given the ongoing support and necessary resources to participate in advocacy and voter engagement efforts, human service nonprofits and the communities they serve build power and influence with decision makers and contribute to a more equitable and just society for all.

Participation Project

The Participation Project partners with human service nonprofits by providing guidance, training, and support to assist them in offering nonpartisan voter engagement to their clients and community. Nonprofits can participate in a variety of ways depending on capacity.

Root Causes Network

The Root Causes Network provides a formal and ongoing meeting place for nonprofits to convene, connect with policy makers, and advance their advocacy skills and knowledge.

Advocacy & Community Engagement Resources

Visit our resources page to find opportunities, tools, and resources to elevate your advocacy and community engagement efforts.


Stay up to date with Colorado’s Independent Redistricting process and opportunities for individuals and organizations to engage.

For more information, please contact:

Alex McHenry, Senior Program Manager

303.623.1540 x160 or email hidden; JavaScript is required