Community Engagement & Advocacy Resources

Tools to Engage: Resources for Nonprofits

CRC partner, Building Movement Project, has officially launched their new resource database Tools to Engage: Resources for Nonprofits! Loosely based on the structure of the popular NICE Guide, this website is an interactive, multi-level search portal that connects users to the best tools, research, and resources from across the social sector about how – and why – organizations can meaningfully engage their constituents and community.

This selection of over 100 carefully curated resources will help integrate and nurture the voice and power of the constituents you work with and serve.

Tools to Engage also features a variety of community building and peer-to-peer exchanges. Sign up as a member (free!) and you can:

  • Comment on each tool, contributing to shared learning;
  • Discuss challenges, success, and best-practices in the forum ;

Submit your own tools for inclusion in the site as we work towards building a collective practice around service and social change.

Nonprofit Voter Engagement Resources: Nonprofit VOTE

NonprofitVOTENonprofit Vote's logo features red, white, and blue colors and bold stars. helps nonprofits integrate voter engagement into their ongoing activities and services. CRC partners with Nonprofit VOTE for the Colorado Participation Project. We encourage our partners to use their robust Resource Library  to find research reports, fact sheets, webinars, planning tools, and other free resources specifically created for nonprofit organization use. Nonprofit VOTE also provides a helpful nonpartisan guide for permissible voter engagement activities for 501(c)(3) organizations.

Click the link below to view their Resource Library and access free materials and research on topics like remaining nonpartisan, engaging your organization’s staff in civic engagement, and why nonprofits should participate in voter engagement efforts.

Meaningfully Connecting with Communities in Advocacy and Policy Work Report

The Fund for Shared Insight released their 2019 Landscape Scan: Meaningfully Connecting with Communities in Advocacy and Policy Work Report. This research evaluated how US funders and nonprofits focused on advocacy and policy seek to meaningfully connect with the people and communities their work is intended to benefit. This is an amazing resource for nonprofits who focus their work in advocacy, policy and civic engagement.

Click the link below to find out what it means to be meaningfully connecting as an organization, what the impact of this work is and where there is room for growth in our sector.

Tools and Resources for Nonprofits Engaging in Advocacy

Bolder Advocacy is a program of Alliance for Justice- a national association of 120 organizations that are united by a commitment to a fair, just, and free America where everyone has equal access to justice and can fully participate in our democracy. Bolder Advocacy provides tools, resources, and expertiseBolder Advocacy and Training for Impact Present: Striking While the Iron Is  Hot: How to Use This Unique Time to Build Relationships with Federal  Policymakers - Santa Barbara Foundation to help nonprofits courageously and safely advocate for their communities. The Bolder Advocacy podcast, Rules of the Game, helps 501c3’s and 501c4’s by demystifying laws and providing examples of how nonprofits can meaningfully engage with different advocacy tactics. Bolder Advocacy also has a free technical assistance hotline, where you can receive advice from experts on lobbying and other advocacy related activities. Click below to utilize all Bolder Advocacy has to offer in their resource library.

For more information, please contact:

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