Community Resource Center (CRC) believes in the power of the nonprofit sector to affect change and support thriving communities.  We envision a strong and sustainable nonprofit sector leading our state towards a more just future. Our mission is to create opportunities, tools and strategies to develop nonprofits and community groups to strengthen Colorado. We build capacity of individuals, organizations, and communities through the following:

Rural Action Network®

A statewide program that brings skill-building, collaborative, and funding opportunities to nonprofits and community organizations. Learn more about CRC’s rural engagement by exploring history, conferences, upcoming events, and opportunities in each of the program’s eight rural regions.


At CRC we know that nonprofit organizations and community groups need access to affordable, quality professional development opportunities to gain the skills, tools, and strategies they need to accomplish their missions.

Leadership Development

With over 750 alumni, this nine-month immersive leadership program offers emerging Executive Directors the opportunity to expand leadership capabilities, master new management techniques, and cultivate meaningful professional relationships.

The Participation Project

Adopted by Community Resource Center in 2015, this established program equips nonprofits to effectively build inclusive, civic programs. The Participation Project partners with human service nonprofits to increase their capacity by providing guidance, training, and support to assist them in offering nonpartisan voter engagement efforts to their clients and community.

AmeriCorps VISTA Project

More than 5,100 nonprofit organizations operate within rural Colorado. These organizations play an important role in improving quality of life in Colorado’s communities and provide services alleviate poverty, from transitional housing to early childhood education to strengthening local food systems. AmeriCorps VISTA members come equipped with the talent and drive to be a game-changer in organizations across Colorado, and the U.S.

The Root Causes Network

The Root Causes Network is a statewide program of CRC and provides a permanent infrastructure to build the capacity of service providers to advance inclusive and community-centered policy.

Rural Philanthropy Days®

Learn more about RPD® by exploring our history, conference components, upcoming events, and opportunities in each of the program’s eight rural regions.