The Participation Project

We believe in the power of the nonprofit vote to build a more inclusive and just Colorado. This work is especially critical as we navigate the impacts of COVID-19 in our most vulnerable communities. The nonprofit sector, and the communities we serve, are facing many challenges yet there has never been more energy and motivation to get involved in the civic engagement arena. Voter engagement is one way to meet this moment and build our power as a sector.

Voter registration and participation allows high-potential voters who are often left out of the process to have a voice on ballot initiatives and policy decisions that affect them directly. The Colorado Participation Project was founded in 2010 and later adopted as a program of Community Resource Center in 2015. The Participation Project provides training, resources, and ongoing support to nonprofits to elevate their nonpartisan civic engagement efforts. Nonprofits can participate in a variety of ways depending on your capacity. We have adapted all aspects of the program to follow current health and safety guidelines.

Informational Webinar

Want to learn more about our voter engagement program? Watch our informational webinar to learn about what it means to be a partner, benefits, expectations, and how we can support you in creating a thriving and civically engaged community.

The Process

Engaging clients and community in elections is an important step in building the civic capacity of your nonprofit and community. Communities with higher rates of civic participation are more likely to volunteer, experience lower unemployment, and have better health outcomes.

CRC works directly with nonprofits to develop an action plan for their civic engagement efforts. CRC provides the necessary supports including training, materials, resources, and consistent communication to our partner organizations.

By providing civic engagement efforts to clients and community, nonprofit organizations may also increase their influence with elected officials and decision makers. This can help increase the overall effectiveness of advocacy efforts.

Join the Movement

We are always looking for new nonprofit partners in these efforts. If you are interested in learning more, or think your organization is a good fit, please contact Alex McHenry, Program Director – Civic Engagement, to learn about next steps.

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Program Impact

In 2022 the Participation Project registered voters in 37 counties across Colorado (all highlighted on the map). In 2022, we partnered with 32 nonprofits across Colorado to provide guidance, training, and resources to assist them in offering nonpartisan voter engagement efforts to their clients and community. We engaged 14,275 voters and trained 118 staff, volunteers, residents, and constituents on the importance of voting, voter engagement tactics, nonpartisanship, voting rights, and cultural competency. CRC hired, trained, and managed 7 organizers to help supplement the work of our partner organizations.

For more information, please contact:

Alex McHenry, Director of Civic Engagement

720.637.8396 or email hidden; JavaScript is required