The Root Causes Network

The Root Causes Network is a statewide program of CRC, which started as a cohort of the Colorado Participation Project in 2013 and was relaunched by CRC as a statewide network in 2017, to provide permanent infrastructure to build the capacity of human service nonprofits to advance inclusive and community-centered policy.

We believe that in order to strengthen the power and influence of human service nonprofits in advocacy work, there must be a Network of support offering nonprofits with the resources, ongoing training, and relationship building with policy groups to help them move their organization’s advocacy work forward.

We are recruiting new members. Join the Network!

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Informational Webinar

This webinar gives an overview of the Root Causes Network and how we work to build the advocacy capacity of our member nonprofits. We also cover program benefits, membership fees, and next steps to join the Network.

Program Overview

Communities gain a powerful voice in the policy decisions that affect them when the nonprofit sector is empowered and trained to fully exercise its political power and influence. The individual power of people combined with the collective power of the sector helps create healthy and just communities for all.

CRC is committed to building an inclusive Network which prioritizes organizations rooted within and serving communities of color and led by people of color, and strives to build a movement that is reflective of Colorado’s diversity. CRC is also committed to building a Network that is grounded in principles of social justice and believes in advancing systems-change using an equity lens. Now, more than ever, it is important for our networks to connect and activate in a spirit of allyship and mutual support.

Core Values

  • Connectedness
  • Equity
  • Integrity
  • Justice
  • Boldness


  • Provide ongoing education and skills building to help direct service nonprofits increase their advocacy capacity prioritizing nonprofits led-by and serving BIPOC communities.

  • Facilitate relationship building between nonprofits and policy/organizing groups to increase the influence of direct service nonprofits in the policy field.


Alex McHenry

Director of Civic Engagement, Community Resource Center

Alex brings over ten years of experience in the fields of education, leadership, and community engagement. As the Program Director – Civic Engagement, Alex oversees CRC’s civic engagement programs including the Participation Project and the Root Causes Network helping nonprofits to build and strengthen their advocacy efforts. While born and raised in Denver, Alex has spent the majority of her adult life moving around the US and abroad, including living in Kenya and Malaysia, and she enjoys working cross culturally and strives to use an equity lens in all of her work. Alex has a masters’ degree in conservation social science and is passionate about working at a systems level to tackle complex social issues. In her free time, Alex can be found hiking, playing volleyball, or exploring one of Denver’s many thrift stores.


2024 Meeting Dates

February 28th

April 24th

June 26th

August 28th

October 23th

November 20th

2024 Network Members

Membership Expectations

Social Justice: The Network is committed to promoting social justice and interested in helping member organizations move policies forward that reduce poverty and promote equity among disenfranchised groups.

Client Engagement: Members of the Network are committed to authentic constituent engagement in their ongoing advocacy efforts.

Participation: Member organizations must commit to attending 75% of Network meetings.

Nonpartisanship: All Network activities are nonpartisan. Your organization commits to following the spirit as well as the letter of IRS law that covers 501(c)(3) activities.

Payment:  There is an annual membership fee, assessed on a sliding-scale based on organizational budget size.

Membership Benefits

  1. Discount for the Colorado Grants Guide® with over 700 funder profiles and timely information on COVID-19 emergency and recovery grant funding.
  2. Discounts for CRC state-wide trainings, advocacy consulting, and advocacy trainings.
  3.  Chance to engage with fellow direct services nonprofits who are committed to advocacy.
  4.  Opportunities to build relationships with those in the policy field.
  5.  Bi-monthly meetings that include a training/discussion component, and a knowledge-sharing component.
  6. Access to individual sessions to gather feedback on your advocacy activities.

For more information, please contact:

Alex McHenry, Director of Civic Engagement
720.637.8396 or email hidden; JavaScript is required