The Community Resource Center will be creating ways to support our sector through this time and welcome your feedback, ideas, and communication. This is the time for our networks to connect and activate and we are committed to creating space to make that happen. We are confident in the strength of the people within our sector.  Your leadership will move our community forward through this time.

Funding Updates

Foundations and organizations across the state are coming together to provide emergency funding to support Colorado communities as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Community Resource Center has compiled a list of some training’s that focus on Nonprofit and Philanthropic work in response to COVID-19.

COVID Containment Response Corps (CCRC)

Colorado’s COVID Containment Response Corps (CCRC) is a statewide effort engaging local public health agencies, non-profit organizations and business leaders across the state to contain the spread of COVID-19. At the heart of this effort are national service members who have provided disaster relief assistance to the CCRC’s efforts since June 2020. For this project, Community Resource Center and Conservation Legacy will draw on their experience recruiting and managing AmeriCorps members to find individuals who want to get involved and make a difference in Colorado’s containment of COVID-19.

Interested in being a part of Colorado’s COVID Containment Response Corps?