Our Strategic Plan & Framework for Capacity Building

Community Resource Center believes in the power of the nonprofit sector to affect change and support thriving communities. We envision a strong and sustainable nonprofit sector leading our state towards a more just future. Our mission is to create opportunities, tools, and strategies to develop nonprofits and community groups to strengthen Colorado.

2018 Strategic Plan

In 2017, CRC began a long-term strategic planning process.  With support from SHG Advisors, board, staff and volunteers participated in an inclusive process identifying core values, vision and mission, assets and opportunities and four strategic goals to carry the organization into the 2020.  Through this process we articulated four strategic priorities.

Goal 1: CRC catalyzes a diverse network of leaders across the nonprofit sector to influence social change.

Goal 2: CRC builds the capacity of organizations to advance and achieve their missions.

Goal 3: CRC convenes diverse stakeholders throughout the nonprofit ecosystem to deepen the impact of the sector.

Goal 4: CRC invests in our own organizational and financial infrastructure to ensure long-term sustainability and model best practices.

Core Values

  • Inclusivity
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Equity
  • Professionalism
  • Adaptability
  • Collaborative
  • Trust

Based on our strategic planning process and the interest to offer a comprehensive menu of capacity building opportunities for individuals, organizations and communities, we developed a framework from which we work to strengthen and deepen our services.

Framework for Capacity Building

1.0 CRC develops the skills and increases the knowledge of nonprofit leaders, staff, and volunteers through professional development opportunities.

2.0 CRC affects change within organizations by engaging many levels of stakeholders and promoting meaningful organizational culture change.

3.0 CRC works alongside nonprofits, government entities, foundations, and other community stakeholders creating broader connections and impact within the community.