Our Core Ideology


A strong and impactful nonprofit ecosystem leads Colorado to a just and equitable future.


CRC supports, strengthens, and galvanizes change-makers across the nonprofit ecosystem, working together to create a more equitable Colorado.

Theory of Change

We believe in the power of nonprofits to affect change and support thriving communities. To achieve this, individuals, organizations, and the networks that comprise our sector must be supported with meaningful capacity building.

Inclusivity Statement

Community Resource Center believes that working towards diversity, equity, and inclusivity in all that we do is more than just a nonprofit best practice – it is an ethical imperative. It is at the core of our values and is instrumental in advancing our mission. We are committed to the ongoing process of fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment within Community Resource Center and throughout our partnerships with individuals, organizations, and networks across Colorado.

Core Values

  • We believe in increasing equity across Colorado.
  • We create bold change through curiosity and accepting challenges.
  • We respond with agility to the needs of our partners.
  • We center community in our work with deep listening.
  • We practice respect and trust as a team.
  • We strive to do better through a growth mindset.

Framework for Capacity Building

1.0 CRC develops the skills and increases the knowledge of nonprofit leaders, staff, and volunteers through professional development opportunities.

2.0 CRC affects change within organizations by engaging many levels of stakeholders and promoting meaningful organizational culture change.

3.0 CRC works alongside nonprofits, government entities, foundations, and other community stakeholders creating broader connections and impact within the community.

Strategic Goals

Goal 1: CRC equips individuals within our sector with knowledge and resources to more effectively lead within their organizations and communities.

Goal 2: CRC strengthens the organizational health of our partners so they can better meet their missions, with a focus on impact and equity.

Goal 3: CRC convenes networks across the nonprofit ecosystem to catalyze community-centered power to lead transformational change.

Goal 4: CRC invests in our own organizational and financial infrastructure to ensure we are well-positioned and able to meet the needs of our partners and community.