2023 State of the Sector

Resilience: Emerging Leadership in Changing Environments

2023 State of the Sector Recap

While we celebrated the contributions of Colorado leaders in our sector – groundbreaking legislation protecting the rights of agricultural workers and organizations helping to build the political power of the Latino community – stresses and challenges remain a key theme for us. Staff turnover, increasing community impoverishment, lack of affordable housing, a contraction in the number of donors to nonprofits, and unsustainability (in organizational culture, funding and personnel) were lifted up as challenges. Our panelists provided brave, heartfelt perspective about the necessity of transforming our messaging to share our compelling visions for change that drive our work, not just the ‘need’. This provides sustenance for our staffs, motivation for donors, and clarity for our strategies.

Speakers Included:

  • Maria Fabula, Community Resource Center
  • Lisa Duran, Community Resource Center
  • Anna Stout, City of Grand Junction 
  • Christin Crampton Day, Colorado Business Committee for the Arts
  • LaDawn Sullivan, Black Resilience in Colorado (BRIC) Fund
  • Stephania Vasconez, Mutual Aid Partners, Grand Junction, CO

The recipients of the 2023 Community Trailblazer Award:

Individual Award-Winner: Mike Cortés

Nonprofit-Award Winner: Hispanic Affairs Project of Western Colorado  

2021 State of the Sector

2021 State of the Sector Recap:

  • Celebration and storytelling about our sectors work and impact in 2021 and beyond
  • Engaging discussions with change makers in our field
  • Exploration of new ways to advance the public good
  • Presentation of the Community Trailblazer Awards

Speakers Included:

  • Melanie Bravo, Caring for Colorado
  • Megan Strauss, Alpine Achievers Initiative
  • Sandra Blythe-Perry, Integrated Family Community Services

The recipients of the 2021 Community Trailblazer Award:

Individual Award-Winner: Carol Hedges, Executive Director, Colorado Fiscal Institute

2019 State of the Sector

​Community ​Trailblazer ​Award ​Winners

*The ​Community ​Trailblazer ​Award ​presented by Community Resource Center recognizes ​outstanding ​achievements ​of ​a ​person ​or ​organization ​who ​has ​promoted ​and ​led ​innovative, ​grassroots ​social ​change ​in ​Colorado’s ​nonprofit ​sector. ​Community ​Resource ​Center ​is ​proud ​to ​honor ​the following individuals and organizations for ​their ​innovative ​leadership, ​which ​has ​fundamentally ​shaped ​and ​influenced ​the ​landscape ​of ​Colorado’s ​social ​sector. ​


Mike Cortés (Individual)

Nonprofit-Award Winner: Hispanic Affairs Project of Western Colorado (Nonprofit)


Carol Hedges, Executive Director, Colorado Fiscal Institute (Individual)


Lance Cheslock, La Puente Home, Inc., Alamosa (Individual)

One Colorado – Denver, Colorado (Nonprofit)


Lisa Duran, Grassroots Grantmakers (Individual)


Richard Male, Community Resource Center Founder & President (Individual)