We have all heard the word unprecedented in 2020 more times than we can count and 2020 truly was a year like no other. Our mission didn’t change in 2020, but our program delivery certainly did. We adapted in countless ways this year including moving our trainings online, creating new resources, and helping launch a COVID-19 Containment program. Our COVID-19 Containment initiative included more than 200 AmeriCorps Members in 2020 and became a pivotal part of the state’s COVID-19 response through effective contact tracing — one of the best tools to stop the spread. We also expanded our civic engagement work, despite the pandemic and found creative ways to support partners, reach community members, and register voters. 

Not only did this year affirm what we knew to be true about our sector’s resiliency, it also showed us a lot about the work that lies ahead. For example, we saw the real inequities in access to broadband in rural communities. This allowed us to work with partners in the San Luis Valley who continue to build a better future for all through rural broadband initiatives. We also renewed our commitment to standing against racism and continued to implement changes to create a more equitable approach to our work.  

For 40 years, CRC has been serving nonprofits across the state in order to build our sector’s capacity and in turn build stronger, more resilient communities. We know that our success has been a direct result of the energy of activists, dreamers, and doers, who believe we can fix what has been broken or never worked, that we can come together across difference and geography and find a new path forward — that is what binds our communities together. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those volunteers, supporters and partners who help us to advance this work. It is through this collaboration and commitment to a better future for all that we will improve our sector and continue to strengthen our communities throughout Colorado.

With Gratitude,

Maria Fabula

President & CEO | she/her/hers


Mary Zanotti

Board Chair | she/her/hers