Welcome to Lincoln County!

Plains Strong: Collaboration, Resilience and Community

On behalf of the Hugo and Limon communities, we are delighted that you are here. One of the best things about Lincoln County is the dedication and passion that can be felt in each community. During your time here, we encourage you to EXPLORE the community with a great self-guided tour of over 20 unique tour stops in the Hugo and Limon area. We also encourage you to venture a little further to tour stops like the World’s Wonder View Tower in Genoa, the newly renovated Bethel Church in Arriba, and the Food Juxtaposed: Agriculture & Food Access series in Karval.

Through this tour, you will see not only historic elements that have shaped our communities but will also see projects that have been funded by current and past local and state funding. Be sure to keep your eye out for the amazing murals that are unique to Lincoln County during your travels through the area. We are proud of the community growth and advancements that are seen in the county.

To zoom in and out of the map, simply drag with your cursor or click the (+)/(-) buttons. Select a specific stop to learn more, and be sure to click the image links in the sidebar to hear from Lincoln county locals!

Tour Stops

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