Executive Director Leadership / Learning Cohort 

One of the most important factors in the success of EDs is the development of peer support networks. Community Resource Center will help you develop an ED learning cohort with coaching, which would combine the strength of individualized support with the benefits of group learning and strengthening relationships among key organizations in your region. 

CRC can develop, administer, and evaluate a cohort program to build the capacity of 8 –  12  Executive Directors in your region or issue area. 

The cohort would be invited to participate in 3 – 6 group learning opportunities around successful community change efforts in Colorado and beyond. 10 – 12 hours of individual coaching would allow for the integration of learnings and the implementation of new practices or tools. The coaches will work together to evaluate their participants’ progress and to highlight areas for growth that could be focused on in learning opportunities. 

Some of the topics that might be presented at learning opportunities include those courses already mentioned above as well as: 

  • Strategic Nonprofit Management: how your organization builds a foundation for change in your community, developing or strengthening your theory of change, the use of logic models, strategic planning and implementation of progress to goals, professional development, collaboration at community levels. 
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion: building racial and social justice, power sharing within organizations, honoring the strengths and gifts of marginalized communities, healthy communication, practices that address power imbalances within organizations, skills for holding difficult conversations, building or encouraging ally-ship. 
  • Community Engagement & Inclusion: How organizational structures and processes help or hinder community engagement, assessing practices at each organization, creating relationships with unfamiliar communities, building community leadership within your organization. 
  • Financial Leadership: building confidence to analyze your finances, build a finance team and make decisions for the future stability or growth of your organization. Strengthening the culture of fundraising throughout your organization. 

A concluding capstone to the cohort might include a 2-day retreat for participants to cement relationships, emphasize or re-emphasize important learnings, encourage dreaming for collaborative efforts and provide a satisfying conclusion to a year of learning. 


Because this cohort of EDs is both comprehensive and highly customizable, further conversations is required to determine a cost estimate for this offering.

For more information, please contact:

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